As Google updates their logo in honor of what would have been Keith Harings’ 54th birthday this week,  I wanted to share a post I wrote about my dear friend for the Keith Haring Foundation a few years ago.

Keith Haring

With my friends Vuk, and Keith Haring on my 30th birthday in Paris

It meant so much to me to share what Keith was like from a friends’ perspective, because he was an equally special and supportive friend to those lucky enough to have crossed orbits with him.

Google made me smile, and it never ceases to amaze me what an indelible mark Keith left behind. His art is instantly recognizable to generations born long after his tragically early demise, plus his foundation continues to help the people he cared so much about two decades later! That is an incredible accomplishment for any

Keith Haring, Tatjana Rhodes, gingerbread art

Tatjana videoing the Keith Haring Gingerbread Cookies

human being, but for one who left us so young – it is beyond outstanding! My favorite character of Keith’s was the baby. He loved children. So much so, that when Tatjana came along he wanted to come paint murals all

Keith Haring gingerbread cookies

My ode to a dear friend and very special man

over her nursery walls. It only seemed fitting that we create something for him too, so together we made Keith Haring gingerbread cookies for Christmas a few years ago.

Keith Haring painting

Tatjana and I admiring Keith, and the baby today

You may have left us too way early, Keith, but you will never be forgotten. Happy birthday to you on whatever cloud you are painting at the moment – we love you!

Click here if you would like to watch the video on how to make Keith Haring gingerbread art, and members can access the recipe on my site.

Keith made his art accessible to the masses through his Pop Shop. This Swatch watch was among my treasured collection until Tatjana, age five at the time, thought it belonged to another friend (I had loaned it to her), and it would be hilarious to flush it down the toilet. Needless to say, she was in the doghouse for a long time over that one! Please tell me in the comments section below what Keith Haring artwork is your favorite? Or how has Keith touched your life?

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