Last night marked a first for me. Only in Hollywood could Tatjana, our friend Millie Brown, and I pay our respect to Hollywood legends such as Cecile B. DeMille, Rudolph Valentino, Jayne Mansfield and Douglas Fairbanks while watching the hilarious old RKO film Bringing Up  Baby with Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant.

Jewels arriving at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in style

It was a fascinating experience in Hollywood Forever Cemetery. All summer long Cinespia does these sold out screenings in the cemetery where hundreds of people converge, remarkably reverent and respectful, with blankets and picnic baskets to see old films screened against a large white building. Definitely reminiscent of the old drive-in movie days, only you do sit on a hard damp ground, instead of comfortably in your cars.

Tatjana Rhodes and Millie Brown

The cemetery itself originated in 1899 and backs onto Paramount Studios (or more accurately, the studio was built on the back portion of the cemetery). I’ve never seen such a beautifully landscaped and well kept cemetery with opulent headstones and mausoleums. I did stop to think – if I were buried or interred here would I want all these strangers intruding and celebrating this way around me….

Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant
Bringing Up Baby

… and my answer was yes! I think I would like the company, and it would be so much less lonely and depressingly forgotten. Besides, how can you commemorate the people who built Hollywood more befittingly?

PS. I’m going back to the Illoulian Contemporary today to see Millie’s show again. Tatjana is dying to see it, and I’m so very mesmerized by her films and photographs. If you’re in LA, and haven’t already – make time to go see it!

PPS. I’m grateful for the youngins teaching me how to goof off and have fun again. I get so easily immersed in work, most of which I love doing, that I sometimes need reminding that friends and family are what is truly important. What fun things did you do with your loved ones this weekend?

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