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I’ve been invited to quite a few dinner parties lately, and if someone is going to go to all that effort to feed me, then I like to show my appreciation. A hostess gift is not about being ostentatious… it is the thought that counts. Unless your host happens to be a wine connoisseur what is the thought behind giving a bottle of wine you intend to drink too? Maybe it’s just that I don’t drink, so I find wine a bore? Flowers and chocolates are always appreciated, but I prefer a little more witt, whimsey, and imagination when it comes to choosing a gift, so I did a little net searching, and here are some of my online favorite finds:

The 70’s in me is showing I know, but I love these little bean bag chairs for your cell phone or ipod. So useful both in the kitchen, or on your desk. Plus they come in such fun colors!

I immediately thought of my fellow blogger Lisa Borgnes Giramonti at http:///abloomsburylife.blogspot.com (subconsciously angling for an invite to that gorgeous home of hers no doubt) when I saw these. I could envisage her curled up on some fabulous cushions or lounging in her lush garden as she reads her favorite classics with “a cuppa” by her side.
You know I love these pop art baggies… culture and convenience all in one! I think Andy Warhol would have appreciated these.
Christina Estrada, John Taylor, and Julie Anne Rhodes
How many cocktail parties with finger food have I been to while struggling to hold a drink, my evening bag, and a nibble? The appetizer plates I found at…
… sit on top of your wine glass, so you you have a hand free to greet fellow guests, and grab more hors d’oeuvres before they disappear. Absolutely brilliant!
No idea what to get the host that already has everything? Alpine strawberries of course! These easy to grow plants produce delicious, aromatic red strawberries about twice the size of wild berries, and make excellent house plants. Also available are lucky clovers in a bag, a garden in a bag, or lavender in a bag.
How could I possibly pass up these frozen iced JEWELS? If diamonds are your thing… just fill with water, and freeze. For other jewels use the color juice of your choice, but do pour a beverage that will mix well with the flavor.
Dinner with the girls

Remember “diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” Finding the perfect gift for your host is just as much fun as receiving one. What will you come up with for the next dinner party you attend?

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