It’s time to put my actions where my big mouth goes! I’m taking a much needed cyber break. At close of business tonight through Sunday night I pledge to stay off the internet, and cell phone. I don’t even own or want a smart phone, but will admit to lusting after iPad 2.

Julie Anne Rhodes turning priorities right side up
I want to concentrate on giving my sister, brother-in-law, and favorite (even if they are the only) niece and nephew my undivided attention while they visit LA. I trust the rest of the cyber world will quite happily survive without me for forty-eight hours.
For the record – I am NOT saying modern technology is bad. The internet provides powerful tools for maintaining communication with those that are otherwise too geographically far, we have an infinite wealth of information literally at our fingertips, plus we can market our businesses to potential customers with a much broader reach at much less expense. The internet even empowers people in remote villages to be part of the world economy in ways we never dreamt possible before. The benefits are far too important to dismiss (and counter productive for someone about to launch an interactive website)!
Is the computer helping or hindering your communication?
However, if like me, you can not turn the tech off long enough to eat a meal, if it is interfering with your personal relationships, and usurping all of your time, then it becomes a barrier rather than a conductor for communication. I’m merely suggesting balance. Too much of anything, even a good thing, is not good for you. We need water to survive, but you can actually drown yourself if you drink too much of it! By all means drink, but know when your thirst is quenched and stop. Technology should enhance our lives, not rule them.
With my favorite niece and nephew
Feel free to leave comments on your thoughts and related experiences, and know that I will catch up with you when I can. Instead of a recipe today, I’ll leave you with some food for thought. My friend Marie sent me this beautiful email after my last post about the subject…
“We ALL need to break the habit and have some free time. We can not tune into our Spiritual self if we don’t take time out to listen to the still small voice! The one thing I loved about being in Ireland was that I hardly spent any time on the computer, I was too busy sitting on the beach watching the waves crashing in against the rocks and never ceasing to be amazed at the glory of the sun setting over the sea and the mountains. There is one thing for sure and it is the old saying that the best things in life are free, we all have them on our door step but the problem is that we spend too much time on the wrong side of the door.”
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