If only I’d picked my feet up when walking like I taught my daughter to, it might have been an easier summer, but I was determined not to let a broken ankle slow us down.

Julie Anne & Tatjana Rhodes, a summer walk in New York

Nearly as quickly as Tatjana arrived from London, we took off for the holiday weekend in Colorado with my family.

A spectacular firework display in Avon, Colorado
Mom, Dad, Tatjana, and my sister Patty at the fireworks
After a grueling fourteen hour trip home – we got straight back to work catching up with clients early the next morning, shooting webisodes…
Webisode mode: Crispy Ginger Tofu Wraps

While fervently protecting the manicures we managed to squeeze into the schedule

… and enjoying screenings of Exit Through the Gift Shop (my personal favorite), Twighlight Eclipse, Toy Story 3, The Kids Are All Right, and Inception over the course of the next week.
Tatjana Rhodes and Sam Bradley
I loved watching Tatjana and Sam laughing over dinner again. They were literally rug rats together – having met when they were just five weeks old. Sam asking for seconds, and tweeting about his dinner was just gravy on an already perfectly sentimental evening.
Apricot lamb chops, with potatoes Anna, and roasted asparagus

Tatjana got such a kick out of seeing his band play live to sold out crowd at the Hotel Cafe a few nights later. Then her friend Leah arrived from New York, so I took them for a healthy Greek meal at Le Petit Greek in Larchmont.

Hummus, tzatziki, Greek salad, potatoes, spanakopita, and dolmathes
The girls decided my brace was “the gladiator look gone way wrong”, so shopping and some age inappropriate styling (I ended up with metallic leopard print Converse sneakers by Blondie) was next on the agenda.

Shopping can work up an appetite

After a couple extra stops at Blockbuster and Crumbs we settled in to a visual feast of…

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland
Crumbs wicked temptation
Alice in Wonderland. The film did instruct “eat me”, so all healthy intentions were once again dashed as we devoured cupcakes.
Julie Anne, Giovanna, Nashra, and Gina
Tatjana completed two film editing courses while I played in the clay with friend Yassi, and attended little Jeremiah’s 3rd birthday party. Then I had friends from out of town visiting too, so while the cat was away (having a scrumptious meal at Cecconis, and fabulous farewell party at Amanda Eliasch‘s house the next evening)…
Tatjana, Leah, Jenna, and Sophia

… the mice did play! Tatjana leaves on Thursday, and we still need to cram in some editing, back gammon grudge matches, the movie Cyrus, and Rihanna in concert at Staples Center. I’m already feeling heartbreak pangs over the thought of my daughter leaving, but I’ll be in need of some serious R&R at the end of it all! Did someone say spa day?
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