Since this is my first new blog post in ages, and it will literally be a blue moon tonight, I felt the title apropos. We all know “once in a blue moon” refers to something that seldomly  happens, but do you know why we say that or what a blue moon actually is?

Jewels - once upon a blue moon...

Jewels – once in a blue moon

“According to modern folklore, a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. Usually months have only one full moon, but occasionally a second one sneaks in. Full moons are separated by 29 days, while most months are 30 or 31 days long; so it is possible to fit two full moons in a single month. This happens every two and a half years, on average,” NASA explains. The last blue moon occurred in August 31, 2012, and the next one will not be until January 31, 2018, so they are quite rare.

Astrologers believe that full moons have an effect on the human psyche. People tend to be restless, emotional and more volatile during full moons. Indeed, it is amply documented that emergency personnel (doctors, nurses, ambulatory services etc.), and police have reported an increase in incidents during full moons all around the globe.


Reflect, introspect, and set new intentions

Blue moons are supposedly much more powerful still. They say the intentions you set during the last blue moon will come to fruition or end at the next, so it is a particularly good time to carefully reflect, introspect, and set new intentions. A celestial cleaning out of dead wood to make room for all the new possibilities.

I find myself at just such a  juncture now, so I have closed the site to new subscriptions while I reflect, regroup,  and take time to focus on that cookbook I have been longing to write.  Please know this is not permanent. It is my firm belief that when you come up against a block in the road it simply means you need to find a different route to your destination.

In the interim, I hope you will continue to enjoy reading some of my past tales, and I promise to regal you with new ones whenever time permits.  I have had a wonderful summer chocked full of major anniversaries, holidays, parties, art, fireworks, travel, and recipes to share with you….

Past tales worth reading again like When My World Turns Upside Down

I hope you continue enjoying past tales like When My World Turns Upside Down

.. and since this is A “Once In A Blue Moon” Blog Post, I thought I’d share the recipe for one of my most decadent indulgences, Cinnamon Rolls PM Park Style. Oh go on, there’s no harm in treating yourself once in a blue moon!

Cinnamon Rolls PM Park Style

Cinnamon Rolls PM Park Style

One of my fondest memories of my parent’s lake house in Clear Lake, Iowa was of them biking around the lake with all of their friends on the weekend for breakfast at PM Park. This is my take on the cinnamon rolls they are still famous for to this day.

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