They say the trick to keeping a young mind is to try new things, so that we did during our stay in Newport Beach. BTW, new goal to go with my resolutions – must own a home on the beach one day. Daisy and I love, love, LOVED waking up and taking long walks along the beach daily, definitely in my Pisces element.


 Nope, that’s not it. I’m adventurous, but surfing in freezing cold water is not my “thang.” Can you guess yet?

Tatjana and I went on a segway tour, so very Jetson’s! It was a little tricky getting the hang of balancing with just one hand, and moving at 12 miles per hour while taking photos, but needless to say, we had a blast!

However, not without an attack of the birds, mid photo op no less. I felt a wet plop on my leg, and of course

the natural response is to want to look down to examine the damage, but the tour guide hadn’t taken the picture yet. “Don’t look down, keep smiling, keep smiling…” kept going through my head, hence the forced grin.

Oh well, being shat on (I just adore the past tense of that word, don’t you?) by a bird is suppose to be good luck, and I could do with some of that in 2012. It’s starting with surgery, again. Not the fun kind that makes

you look younger, sigh. Hoping it will help me breathe and sleep easier, so the rest of the year will be terrific.

Not to be outdone, Daisy also tried something new. She took her first walk on the beach, and wasn’t quite sure when the first wave came crashing in, but she soon found it as mesmerizing as I do. We’ll miss it dearly.

What is the latest look for 2012, you ask? Helmet hair of course, it’s all the rage! At least that’s our story and we’re sticking to it! We couldn’t possibly miss another photo op to share with you at the Wedge – where

they filmed the opening of Gilligan’s Island. There, now you have your trivia, here’s the first recipe of 2012…

Turkey Meatballs in Marinara Sauce

Lighten and brighten the norm with a surprising hint of sweetness from golden raisins in your ground turkey or chicken meatballs. No one will be saying, “where’s the beef,”and all will be clamoring for seconds.

While we are on the subject of trying new things, there will be some changes here, too. If you would like to sample a recipe free, please click here for our recipe of the week, if you would like to view this recipe you will need to join our premium membership. Make your resolution in 2012 be the Personal Chef Approach™. Eat more efficiently, save time and money, and finally succeed at eating healthy all year round. Join now and enjoy a 5% savings through January 31st.

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