Julie Anne Rhodes with Meagan Mullen

This is a comment left just 3 days ago on my Filthy Rich Woman entry about Thanksgiving being a time for thanks that makes what I am about to say all the more poignant:

“Grammy Pine’s Corn Pudding” yummmmmm…. I find myself waiting for the next blog post so that I can peak into the the wonderful life of my beautiful friend. I really enjoyed this blog because it made me think about my family’s Thanks Givings. Great memories of me surrounded by my favorite foods and relatives. Thank you for the memories, stories, and recipes. By the way I am looking forward to breaking my “Vegan” month to try Pine’s Corn Pudding…

Meagan Mullen

Would everyone in all 79 countries reading this blog PLEASE PRAY for my friend Meagan’s nephew. Her older sister and another nephew (only 6 years old) were gunned down by her sister’s boyfriend yesterday afternoon. My heart goes out to her family. If we all keep them in our thoughts and keep sending healing energy maybe we can help her nephew who is still fighting for his life.


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