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  • Jewels from the Roving Stove

    Since this is my first new blog post in ages, and it will literally be a blue moon tonight, I felt the title apropos. We all know “once in a blue moon” refers to something that seldomly ¬†happens, but do you know why we say that or what a blue moon actually is?

    Jewels – once in a blue moon

    “According to modern folklore, a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. Usually months have only one full moon, but occasionally a second one sneaks in. Full moons are separated by 29 days, while most months are 30 or 31 days long; so it is possible to fit two full moons in a single month. This happens every two and a half years, on average,” NASA explains.¬†The last blue moon occurred in August 31, 2012, and the next one will not be until January 31, 2018, so they are quite rare.

    Astrologers believe that full moons have an effect on the human psyche. People tend to be restless, emotional and more volatile during full moons. Indeed, it is… Keep Reading »

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