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    It seems perfectly normal to me, to think of those we’ve lost over the holidays. I posted a photo of a boyfriend who passed away many years ago on my Facebook wall this week. It was nice to share memories with those who knew and loved him as well. A kind of validation that he mattered. Then there were those who didn’t know him, but were interested in knowing more about him, and still others who sent a barrage of sympathy. I’m sure it was coming from their hearts – we all want to be kind and support our friends, but a few presumed they knew how I was feeling and wanted to offer unsolicited advice.

    Happy times with Michael White

    Friends close to my heart have lost loved ones over the past few years too. I know that awkwardness of not knowing exactly what to say? Of genuinely wishing you could dry their tears and shield them from the pain, but it is not about us, it is about their journey through coming to terms with loss. I think it’s important… Keep Reading »

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