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    I’ve recently had an onslaught of clients with serious health conditions that need to be addressed with strict dietary changes. Never has the phrase “we are what we eat” been more true than in an age when chronic diseases and food allergies are becoming more the norm, than not. While heredity, environment, and lifestyle certainly play a role, my suspiscion is that our food production practices are a major underlying culprit.

    Special diet advice

    Call me crazy, but this rise in chronic diseases does correlate with the when we started industrializing our food supply. The use of  pesticides and GM seeds to grow our produce, livestock fed those grains and then injected with antibiotics and hormones to boot. On top of that, we force our bodies to digest all those chemicals and high concentrations of sodium and sugar in the processed food we’ve become so dependent upon. Is it any wonder we’re paying the price with our health?

    Preventative measures are always preferable, so it’s just common sense to eat healthier (opting for organic vs. conventionally grown produce, choosing hormone and antibiotic… Keep Reading »

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